Sunday, December 28, 2014

UBOX 4K review


BOX 4K is a device that can be used to access the Internet, watch YouTube, as well as television channels across the XBMC ... and more features! . Where you can install it with the TV through the HDMI connection or AV. Then connect the device via the Internet, either through Rj45 port or Aloavi, in order to have access to Tmemkn Antert by your TV.

UBOX 4k  can  run video-quality of the 4K files, which is the highest quality currently available in the market,


UBOX 4K is available on the type of fast Processors (RK3288 Quad-core 1.8GHz (Cortex-A17) , it is also available on with  Ram 2 GB of DDR3 category. 8 GB for internel  storage that is too small, but can be overcome this problem by adding a memory card to the device where it can accept a maximum of 32 GB.
when we come to card graphic, this the device is available on the processor Quad Core Mali-T764 GPU .
wich its great to run 4K video.
UXBOx unclude 2 usb port, digital audio spdif port,and RJ 45 port  to connect the device to the Internet.
 In addition to the HDMI output, as well as AVI.

Positive points:

-Run 4K files, 
-application for running xbmc iptv channels
-attractive form

Negative points:

-cable avi port jack not available.
-the mouse  comes with a difficult and uncomfortable control device.

Price of this device is  $ 91.13  through site Tinydeal. Click here to access the purchase page.


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