Tuesday, December 30, 2014

AutoMath android app to solve mathematical equations using a camera phone

android automath

AutoMah is a math application similar to PhotoMath  wich solve mathematical equations through the use of a camera phone, but unfortunately the application is available only for phones iPhone, although the developers have promised to launch a copy of the system on Android in 2015. But if you do not like to wait, and you want to apply a similar experience now,you can check AutoMath application.

The application is able to identify the mathematical expressions using your mobile device camera and give solutions. In this case, you can take advantage of more than 250 mathematical expression function, and the most beautiful that the application works without an internet connection.

Application can solve the examples involving addition, subtraction and multiplication, fractions, and division, square roots, and the equations of calculations etc.

This application also allows you to show the way step by step analysis of the equation, it also and examples handwritten !. As you can also edit the equation if the application fails to identify a single fixture.

Download it from Here

Checkout this this article about Photmath for more information

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