Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Fingerprint biometric can be easily hacked!


It is known that the passwords are not the most effective way and safer to keep the data, and is something which demonstrated repeated tests and therefore we find a lot of importance given to fingerprint,more secure and reliable means, but the new data confirm that this technique is not completely safe, and even can be pirated.

And may bet a lot of the digital world companies on the fingerprint technique to overcome security problems and among these companies we find Apple, which made the first phones with this technology, but it seems that the sensors footprint in the current devices are still not qualified to overcome piracy operation footprint.

tom's hardware site said that researchers Germans "Jan Krissler" and "Tobias Fiebig" recently indicated during events Chaos Communication Congress conference that footprint technique can be pirated by an accurate depiction of the imprint Hand allowed to re-form a new imprint and use in piracy any device.

A lot of specialists may have conducted various experiments in this area through the printing user's hands imprint on the glue and gelatin and use the fingerprint on iPhone 5S sensor in order to open it, and what is already signed.
Check this video.


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