Friday, January 9, 2015

How to protect your phone from spying

Anti theft,alarm,protect phone from spy

If you are looking to protect your phone from spy when you are absent or while you left your phone alone for charging in public places,i suggest for you this wonderful application Anti Theft Alarm, which can be considered as the bodyguard for your phone,if someone try to access your phone without your permission,the application will launch loud alarm, to inform you that someone try to
access your phone,of course, alarm sound will not stops,only if you enter PIN number.
you can set the application settings,and you can also choose the level and type of sound.
you can download it from Here

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

5 interesting things you must know and try it in a USB key


USB keys are tools that are frequently used and allow us to store large amounts of data,it's an easy way to transfer data between different devices,and not limited to computers. These keys today began to die out something is something, especially some of the emergence of smartphones, as well as cloud storage services, but you can always benefit of these small tools in different uses,in this post, you will learn about some of these uses.

1. Computer Lock

Old usb key Can be used as a tool to insurance and protection,to prevent unauthorized access to our computers through syskey in the Windows system feature.

2. Save and share Wi-Fi Information

Windows offers the option to save a copy of the file that contains the Wi-Fi networks data in the USB key, either as a precautionary measure or to facilitate the exchange access process when joining a new computer network.
In this way just enough for another user insert the USB key on his computer and run the file that has been generated through the windows. The latter will make a new definition appears in the list of available networks without searching, as the SSID of the network file includes, as well as the password. This also means you can use to speed up the Xbox 360 connection to the network.

To activate this feature by clicking the right mouse button to click the Wi-Fi network code that you want to share (from a list of contacts in the Windows taskbar), and then click "Properties." In the new window that opens go to the "contact", click on "File Copy this network to a USB flash drive."..

3. Convert USB key to a Web server

There are thousands of interesting applications that you can run through a USB key, and in this post I suggest you app,Maybe it will be very useful for web developers called Server2Go a small tool,great potential, as this application is considered as full and free Web server, and you can of course the experience of your projects it even if you do not have an Internet connection or need to work on a computer is not available on the server that is already installed.

4. Install the operating system

Of course if you want to install the new system on the computer most of the time would consider buying DVD and copy the operating system and all those long stages, but you can benefit of your USB key to install any operating system without any problems.
You can also in the same frame to install the system on a USB and boot from it in the sense you can make usb key like hard disk has an operating system! your computer from viruse

If you can not run your computer and suspect that the cause is a virus, the best way to solve the problem is with the AVG Rescue CD Software. With this tool, which can be downloaded to a USB key, you can be doing a survey and find out if your computer has a virus, and you can also use other utilities that come with this tool.

To use it, you must go to this Site and download the USB version..

AutoMath android app to solve mathematical equations using a camera phone

android automath

AutoMah is a math application similar to PhotoMath  wich solve mathematical equations through the use of a camera phone, but unfortunately the application is available only for phones iPhone, although the developers have promised to launch a copy of the system on Android in 2015. But if you do not like to wait, and you want to apply a similar experience now,you can check AutoMath application.

The application is able to identify the mathematical expressions using your mobile device camera and give solutions. In this case, you can take advantage of more than 250 mathematical expression function, and the most beautiful that the application works without an internet connection.

Application can solve the examples involving addition, subtraction and multiplication, fractions, and division, square roots, and the equations of calculations etc.

This application also allows you to show the way step by step analysis of the equation, it also and examples handwritten !. As you can also edit the equation if the application fails to identify a single fixture.

Download it from Here

Checkout this this article about Photmath for more information

Fingerprint biometric can be easily hacked!


It is known that the passwords are not the most effective way and safer to keep the data, and is something which demonstrated repeated tests and therefore we find a lot of importance given to fingerprint,more secure and reliable means, but the new data confirm that this technique is not completely safe, and even can be pirated.

And may bet a lot of the digital world companies on the fingerprint technique to overcome security problems and among these companies we find Apple, which made the first phones with this technology, but it seems that the sensors footprint in the current devices are still not qualified to overcome piracy operation footprint.

tom's hardware site said that researchers Germans "Jan Krissler" and "Tobias Fiebig" recently indicated during events Chaos Communication Congress conference that footprint technique can be pirated by an accurate depiction of the imprint Hand allowed to re-form a new imprint and use in piracy any device.

A lot of specialists may have conducted various experiments in this area through the printing user's hands imprint on the glue and gelatin and use the fingerprint on iPhone 5S sensor in order to open it, and what is already signed.
Check this video.

Top 5 audio Headsets in 2014


Headsets are necessary today in the gaming as well as music lovers.Of course there are many different types in terms of quality and price, in this article I suggest you better audio headsets for 2014, I am talking here about the original speakers with professional quality fairy.

1.Sennheiser HD800

Sennheiser HD800 headset

It is impossible to talk about the high quality headphones and not to mention the German giant Sennheiser electronic .German manufacturer has the experience for decades and many years in this area, and the nature of the Sennheiser HD800 headset is one of the evidence for experience this leading company.For about 1200 € I guarantee you the best audio experience at all. The downside in this headset is the traditional design proposed by this company, which of course does not compete with some of the low-cost speakers, as well as the lack of support for 3.5 mm audio connector to play music over the phone or tablet, but this point can be overcome in any case.

2.Beats Studio Wireless

Beats Studio Wireless headsets

Of course everyone used the headphones of this very well-known and famous company in this field, and even the fact that the headphones This company is not that luxury image you imagine, however, being a studio Wireless was able to gain the respect of critics and is currently considered the best (that were not directly the best) in the market Headset Bluetooth for many reasons, they are of good quality, attractive design, comfortable to wear, and great sound quality.
They are short of best-in-class medium .it cost around $ 370.

3.Ultrasone Signature Pro

Ultrasone Signature Pro headset

It's favorite for many of music lovers all over the world. No wonder, they are characterized by good design and excellent sound thanks to the technical specifications as well as the professionalism that characterize this headset. The problem, of course, is that the price is very high around $ 1120, and probably very few dare to buy a headset in this price.

4.Beyerdynamic T51P

Beyerdynamic T51P headset

Before you feel despair as you read these headphones prices, you will want to know that there are more options the Beyerdynamic T51P, which may not be the best in design and exterior styling, but it is characterized by a great quality of sound , and the only negative point that is not possible to replace the cable.In general they deserve to be in our list with price around $ 230.

5.Audio-Technica ATH-M50

Audio-Technica ATH-M50 headset

Perhaps the best option suggested to you, if you are looking for the best possible sound quality and the lowest price, The Audio-Technica ATH-M50 headset. It has almost everything; starting with the beautiful and comfortable design, and the end of the sound quality (very balanced) until you feel comfortable when you listen ,the negative point of this headset that  you can't switch cable, and also does not have a microphone (an advantage in any case is not important If you just want to listen to music). The price of $ 129.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

List of fake images that fooled everyone on the Internet

We know very well that everything published on this network is not necessarily true, and that includes images that are posted on the Facebook pages and even some sites,
so,in this article you will learn about some of the examples of these images:

1 Jacqueline Kennedy

A moment of escape, "Jacqueline Kennedy" Towards the back of the car of US President John F. Kennedy moments after he was assassinated. Picture above did not pick up the fateful attack that occurred in the state of Texas, it is taken from the movie "The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald" in 1977.

The trial of lee harvey oswald

2.Holiday Christmas truce between the Germans and the British soldiers

The picture above was recorded in Thessaloniki,Greece, in 1915, and appears only British officers playing with each other.

The picture recorded in Thessaloniki,Greece, in 1915

3.US President Barack Obama in Aging 

The image of Barack Obama between 2009 and 2014 show that the aging of the US President! But in fact, the picture on the left was taken in 2005 and not in 2009, which means that the two pictures show Obama over nine years instead of only five.

Barack Obama 2005/2014

4.the devil , who lives in a telephone

This picture it is only an advertising campaign of a company specialized in mobile in 2008, and this was a hoax created by computer.

the devil,who lives in a telephone

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